Red Bird

Beautiful landscapes ... Abundant food gardens

Inspired by nature, and your dreams for your outdoor space, Red Bird designs, creates and maintains landscapes and gardens in and around Naramata, British Columbia.


“… perhaps because the heart narrows
as often as it opens--
I am grateful

that red bird comes all winter
firing up the landscape
as nothing else will do.” 
Red Bird by poet Mary Oliver)


Our Team

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Diane Ransom

My passion for the outdoors began at an early age in the beautiful prairie landscapes of Saskatchewan. Regular visits to aunts and uncles’ farm gardens, the cottage at the lake, and our own backyard veggie patch piqued my interest in the natural world. I have enjoyed the South Okanagan as home for the past twenty years.

In 2010, a permaculture course at the Occidental Arts and Ecology Centre opened my heart to the potential of permaculture. I started Red Bird later that year and have been learning ever since. In this time of unprecedented climate change, we need local, regenerative solutions for growing food and living in harmony with the natural world. Permaculture offers a way forward that is good for humans and good for the earth.

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Catalina Polloni

Exploring the mountains has led me to understand that nature has been working for a very long time. While living in Patagonia, I observed the incredible ways organisms have adapted to thrive in challenging settings. Those solutions bring harmony and beauty all around. I strongly believe we as humans are part of this wonderful Nature.

As an architect, I am passionate to find solutions to our needs, and to produce designs that not only meet our needs, but enhance peoples’ lives and connect them with the natural environment. In 2016, a permaculture course with Verge Permaculture inspired me to dramatically work for my dreams. I dream that my Landscape Designs provide for beautiful and healthy ecosystems and that those will bring happiness, comfort and inspiration.




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Ryan Makarenko

I love Naramata and all that is has to offer. At Red Bird, I enjoy working outdoors, getting my hands dirty and digging into new projects. Seeing a landscaping project through from start to finish is tremendously satisfying. Operating our gardening equipment and vehicles is a natural draw for me. Through my work with Red Bird I’ve grown my plant knowledge and skills in pruning, and learned a great deal about the seasonal needs of gardens and garden care. I particularly enjoy mulching and other heavy work involving wheelbarrows!